neděle 16. srpna 2015


  I WAS BORN to the family, where I have everything I can think of. I have a loving mother, loving father and great little sister. Because my parents always bought or did everything they saw on my eyes I grew up always hungry. I was a person who still wanted more. I have never had enough.

  IT HASN'T BEEN a long time I realized, that my parents are doing everything they can to make me happy and fulfil all my wishes and I'm not doing anything else, than just saying it's not enough.
So I said enough to myself. I wanted to NOT act like this anymore. Not because of my parents, not because of my friends. I just knew, that having the best iPhone, newest MacBook and best clothes are not that important and it doesn't make me happy. Not anymore.

  SO I CHENGED my attitude. And I found things that are really important in my life because without them I wouldn't have reason to be happy. I was looking for simple little things that could make me happy. And I found them. I felt them. In a moment I felt that I'm loved. And it wasn't loved like those others. I can't even explain it, but I feel it right now. It's God's love. It's something bigger, than when your boyfriend tells you he loves you. This love will be here with you forever. You just have to stop and feel it. Because from this love all of the others come. My mother loves me because she's loved so she can share this love with me, with my dad, with her friends, with my sister. We can and what more, we should share our love. We should show it to the others. There are plenty of people, that can't feel the love. We just have to show them.

  I'M REALLY THANKFUL that I could feel this love. And I'm going to share it. I'm not going to want more because it's okay to want more. It's human's property. And it helps you to go on. But sometimes it's good to think about what you have, be thankful for that and share it. Because not everyone can have what you have and they are thankful for not much they have. Why we can't? 

S láskou, T.

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